Whenever I look at kids toys it has an eerie type effect on me.  I can almost hear the laughter and kids voices, I can almost feel their happy little spirit right there.  That is a powerful impact for me and not meant to be one of sadness or such.  No words are needed nor is there a need of being able to see them physically in order to feel their joy and happiness.  So blessed to have them in our lives and we were all once a child.

Wayne Dyer recently recited a Emily Dickinson poem on one of his shows.  Picture holding dust in her hand and saying:

“This quiet dust was Gentlemen and Ladies,

And Lads and Girls,

Was Laughter and ability and sighing,

And Frocks and Curls.

This passive place a summer’s nimble mansion,

Where Bloom and Bees,

Fulfilled the Oriental Circuit,

Then ceased like these.”

So although we may not be there physically, you can still feel the spirit, which is our true essence.

This was taken with my iPhone.