This project is by no means original, I know of many folks who have done similar.  But that doesn’t matter to me, as I love photography and take photos most days in any case.  I have been thinking of doing this project for a few years now, but this year it made the most sense for me.

Why do it?  Well I already mentioned I love photography, but also because I have such a busy mind.  When doing my photography, my mind becomes more focused and more present.  I am “in” the photo, so to speak.  So by committing myself to a project like this I am assured of being in that moment everyday.  What a pleasure for me.  It’s not just taking the photo either, it is getting out, observing, looking, searching for texture, reflections, life, watching light.  So you get to observe and “see” so much more of what you would normally go unnoticed as you just walk by.

Hope you enjoy my project.