Just snapped this with my iPhone of my lovely family.  This is the last post of my 365 project (although with the leap year it was 366).  It was a fantastic experience and I will certainly miss it, even though the last few months were tough.  I met many wonderful people, was witness to much unbelievable talent and I thank you all for sharing this experience with me.

I made the decision to pursue this project on December 31 of last year and never look back, it happened too quick.

This has been a crazy year for me and  I took over 10,000 photographs to make the 366 postings, despite all the challenges on the home and work front (that little thing called Life).

I lived as best as I could by my ramblings that I shared with you and my hope is that I inspired just one person.  That is all.  If I inspired one person, or made 1 person feel a little better on a particular day then I achieved my goal.

I wanted to do 3 things though.  1. Is to Inspire with words where I could, 2. Commit to taking more photos, which is one of my passions and 3. Leave a little footprint of myself out there.

So I want to finish with one last rambling if I may.  One of the most powerful statements I came across over past couple of months was from Deepak Chopra’s book called God.  He removed the word God for this passage as it has some many negative connotations associated with and could easily have replaced it with universe, source, Life, Life Force, Energy or whatever but he chose the more mysterious word “that”.

“I am That

You are That

All of this is That”

Isn’t that beautiful or is it just me? I love that statement and just resounded in my head for past few months. Yep we are all one, no matter which way you slice or dice it.  Ok that is me, before I get too deep.

Thanks again for watching and being a part of this, without the audience this just isn’t the same. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Join me on my next project