This is part of the history series I am doing.  I used the stone memorial /plaque in a photo back in February I think.  My town was host to a historical battle as part of the revolution and right here behind this wall lie the bodies of Patriots and British soldiers.  They fought against each other but were buried together.

This is right alongside our sidewalk and Main street and it always get me thinking.  Everyday thousands of people will pass this spot on foot and car.  probably worrying about a text message, the game their team lost, the fact that the coffee server wasn’t too friendly or that their coffee wasn’t sweet enough or whatever.  These small things we ALL at some stage stress about seem so insignificant when we stop  and think about what these folks went through for us.

A pause for thought and a little gratitude always seems to shake us up a little and put life back into perspective and be that much more grateful and happy.