The kids went to NYC today, whilst I stayed at home to work.  No need to feel sorry for me, I work from home, for myself and I love what I do.  I asked them to take photographs of the trip up the Empire State Building and I would use that as my photo of the day.  They did so well.  They captured, the Chrysler building, The Hudson River, Madison Square gardens, Flatiron (the first sky scraper in NYC), the new Freedom Tower, The traffic from above, the top of the Empire State and more.  The one photo on here my wife took of Jade in action.  So thanks to Jade and Joel for creating these memories and my wife for making their day so special.

I also included a video below of a song I love.  When looking for inspiration I sometimes, play this as loud as I can to get a little fired up.  Hope you enjoy the photos and the video.