Well I  had to post this one a little late.  I only got home after 10.30pm last night with 2 sleeping kids and a car full of “stuff”…Oh and a a wife of course. 🙂 You know how it goes.  In any case had a great day and then a late afternoon / night adventure with family.  I was actually going to photograph a bridge, but kids asked to go to the beach again and the bridge was looking a little bleak in the fading light, so off we went for an evening swim.  When we got there, the tide was really low and there was a whole heap (or maybe that is a flock) of cranes and other birds in the shallow waters eating fish, crabs and other tasty treats.

So I set up.  Kids were around me grabbing shells and chasing crabs and wife was sitting behind enjoying the moment.  The light was a little low, so the image couldn’t be super sharp.  I added a little Orton effect, to compensate.  That gives it a little soft touch.  The color image actually had a slight pink reflection in the water, that was cool, but again because of the low light, there was too much noise (little pixels of blue and green in the image), so I just made it B&W.

I love the symmetry of this shot.  I did get a lot of cool shots and may post another day.  But this was awesome, as we took our sun kissed faces and salty skin to a local brick oven pizza joint for a 9pm dinner. On a sidewalk table, and the local town of Westport was alive and buzzing. Love it! I certainly wasn’t going to finish off that wonderful day playing with technology at 11pm at night. Enjoy!