Well I am halfway through this project of mine.  I wanted to make it a special posting but I didn’t imagine it would turn out this way.  Even though this is a photo of my son, the words are more about my daughter.  But this way I can include them both as they are so important to me – sometimes we don’t know how much.  I was lying in the garden today, my daughter came to cuddle me.  As she lay next to me, I simply said. ‘Hey Jade how’s life?”  She replied without hesitation and said “Perfect because you are in it”.  Wow, all I could do was smile and lie there in silence.  I was humbled.

All of a sudden, all my thoughts about what I must do for work in coming days, how I can become healthier, make more money etc, just stopped.  Right here in front of me was all that mattered.  And apparently all the things that I was thinking about that I thought (thinking/ thought! Too much in one line?) would make our lives better were not what mattered.  She just needed me to be there with her right then.  What a lesson.  Even though I know this and think about this most of the time, sometimes when my mind wonders I am brought back to the truth very quickly with something so small, yet profound.

And any doubts that I had of being a sometimes grumpy, sometimes angry and shouting, sometimes strict and ultimately not yet 100% good enough Dad, just vanished.  The kids take you as you are, with all your little imperfections and they love you.  And they NEED you.  That is how simple it is.  So never ever feel that you should be better or you should do this less or that more.  You are good enough and you can just continue improving and getting better and better. Know that!