I went down to our bottom garden this morning to go do my morning meditation and saw this butterfly on these flowers, so I went back inside to grab my camera.  By the time I returned he was gone, but I sat there anyway and he returned.  Not only that, but it was like it’s own little universe back there, there were ll sorts of insects, just collecting all the nectar and pollen from all our plants.  So I think I may go down there and do a series of these shots for a few days.  I enjoy my close up Macro photography so will give it a shot.

I always noticed the beauty of our flowers, but never went in and focused and watched all the life cruising around.  I ended up being there sitting in the grass for about 45 minutes just watching.  i never got back to meditate, but that is OK.  The goal of meditation is to quieten the mind, go within and be present in the moment.  And that is what I did, but with my eyes wide open.