This is a little creek I know not too far from my house.  Have photographed it before and wanted to go back.  Even though it was so tranquil and beautiful, behind this lens was absolute chaos.  Wonderful chaos as my kids were in awe and in their element.  Screaming, laughing, imagination going crazy and they even found a fresh water lobster.  I try include my kids in the majority of my daily photo outings, as doing something like this is a commitment as those of you who are doing this know.  So again, another photo that I will not forget in a hurry when I look at it, because I know what was going on behind the scenes. Awesomeness!

The ideal time to shoot this would have been evening when light is even weaker, to slow down water and get angel hair look, but wanted to go during day so the kids could come.  I am in the water for this shot, using Singh Ray Polarizing and Warming filter and a 5 stop Neutral density filter.  So pretty extreme, but required to keep shutter open during daylight and get angel hair feel of the water.