I took this photo with my iPhone – I promise you.  I went for a bike ride today and pulled beside this lake and snapped my photo of the day.  I really pushed the saturation on this one and did my editing using Snapseed and PicMonkey.  I used the HDR Pro app on iPhone to take the photo.  It is beautiful and looks like fall colors but is just early spring.  I would never have taken photos using my iPhone until I saw others work with their phones.  I never knew the phones limits until I tried to push them, I just assumed that it was not capable.

And we should apply the same thinking to ourselves.  You know what our limits are?  Our own minds.  We never know our own limits until we push them.  Everyday we limit ourselves with our thinking.  Our mind places all these false limits on ourselves that prevent us from being as great as we can be.  Our minds limit our thinking in so many ways.  Telling us we are not good enough to get that job, make that promotion, land that new client, get the partner you deserve, lose that bit of weight you need to, be able to afford the house of your dreams, run that extra mile etc etc.  It goes on and on.  Our minds tell us – “our situation is different to everyone else’s” – NO it’s not, “we are not good enough” – YES you are, “You could never complete a marathon” – YES you can, “You can never get the job you want” – YES you can, “You can never get the partner you deserve” – YES you can.  KNOW it and believe it.  Challenge your limits everyday and begin to live the life you deserve and at full potential.

I use a technique where I give my limiting thoughts a name.  Pretty funny and borderline crazy :-).  You can call it Jimmy, Noddy or whatever you want too.  Every time that limiting thought comes.  You address it by name and say “Right fella, I will show you how limiting you are”  And when you do it, it is very very rewarding.  Today I pushed the limit of my phone and a personal goal on my bike, after not being able to do so because of illness for 4 years.  Guess what, I am 9 days ahead of where I should be, and 21 days ahead of where I never thought I would be.  I made that decision 22 days ago to do something that I never thought I would be able to do again following that past testing period in my life. Try it.  You may blow yourself away.

“There are no limits to the mind except those that we acknowledge.”
― Napoleon Hill