This is a Dwarf Japanese Maple that is in my back garden and was probably planted a few decades ago.  This photo was my wife’s idea.  The maple forms a complete canopy and you can’t see through it, so I had to literally climb inside into this enchanted little world.  I won’t forget this photo either as, I was so in awe setting up I couldn’t take my eff the tree and because I wasn’t concentrating I jammed my finger in the tripod.  I couldn’t help it but I let out a huge shout followed by a few expletives and no doubt, could end up with a black nail.  Maybe I should have asked her permission before just jumping into her energy field.

In any case this is a HDR image, made up of 5 photos with a total of about 9 stops range all layered on top of one another.  There is still a little noise in there, but for a 365 project this is OK I guess.  Now that my kids have seen this image, the trick is to now get them to stay out.

What I never knew either was that these trees are worth some cash.  I have had 3 different contractors and landscapers here for different projects and each one has said to me, without me even mentioning anything, that I could get anything from $6,000 – $18,000.  Unbelievable right?  Good to hear nature has value too and not just material items.

Enjoy your weekend.

You are searching the world for treasure, but the real treasure is yourself.~Rumi