Have you ever wondered if the answer to your problems, the light at the end of the tunnel, the breakthrough that you needed was easily accessible and could be reached simply by opening a door?  Sometimes our problems or challenges or life situations seem impossible or insurmountable and other times they are easily overcome.  Perhaps it is because the majoruty of the time we are looking for our answers or solutions in the dark.

Sometimes if we just stopped. Looked up and saw the light, even if it is the slightest crack of light and walked towards it, all our answers may be available to us just behind the door.  Sometimes it is our own resistance or fear of what’s behind that door that stops us from moving forward. Sometimes it is our stubbornness too.  We don’t need the light, we will find the answer any second, it is right here in front of us…somewhere.

The light may not be something or somewhere external either, but rather could be right inside of us. So instead of looking externally for the answer, if we go inside, we might discover a space within us, filled with light.