The title of this post is for a reason.  I was speaking to a group of young kids yesterday about what they are doing for spring break etc.  One was telling me about a time he went to a friends house and they had a pellet gun and just shot things.  I asked, “What did you shoot?”.  He replied, “Just birds”.  Even though I love birds, I was not angry with him at all.  He is just a child and his response was naive.  I tried my best to explain that they also have companions and young families at times and they are missed too.  Eventually tired of my lecture, he said.  “They are just birds!”.

Now I am no tree hugger or holier than though type, nor was I angry with him.  I was actually sad.  You see I was the same.  I grew up  in South Africa on a small little farm / small holding and I would trail my brother as he had his pellet gun and take pot shots at birds.  We knew no better.  I was only sad if he shot the small ones, because I liked those ones.  And I was again sad yesterday, as I thought us folks as elders don’t nearly do enough to teach our young the importance of all life on this planet, that we share it and we need to appreciate all of it.  We all have our own little purpose and we should be appreciating the beauty of nature, not just killing it for fun or out of boredom or because we want to replicate all the killing in video games.  If we hunt for food, that is a different story.

Like I said in one of my previous posts, I wish our kids were taught more of this type or appreciation or values in schools, rather than memorizing battle dates and such.

I am not sure what type of bird this is, but I “shot” (excuse the pun) this whilst waiting for a cardinal and or blue jay.  But I thought he deserved the credit for being just as beautiful.  Hopefully he avoids any pellet pot shots in the future.