This tree is at the end of our road and have seen it thousands of times.  I have always liked the shape, but never knew how to shoot it.  Today was perfect, the grey clouds in the background and a slither of sunlight from over my shoulder to the trees rights, illuminated the new spring leaves blossoming.  You can see broken branches which are a result of the snow storm we had here in October (unusual time, lots of thick heavy, wet snow and tress weren’t ready and just snapped – even more damage than when hurricane passed through).

This is a mighty tree and today she stood tall in all her glory, sapping up the last of the days sun.  Sometimes I think it is a damn cheek to place my name on the photo, as it is not my work, but nature.

Trees always remind me of a Native American saying, which us humans could learn from, with all this conflict in the world:

“There is no tree whose branches are foolish enough to fight amongst themselves.” ~ Native American Wisdom