Fear is a thief.  It will steal your life from you.  It will turn your life into darkness. Reducing the bright light that should be shining within you into a dull candle like the image above.  Fear feeds fear.

F – false

E – evidence

A – appearing

R – real

That is what FEAR stands for.  False, evidence, appearing, real. It is not truth and is a figment of your imagination.  Fear stops us from living life to the full, it stops us from loving others, stops us from pursuing our dreams, stops us from doing a job that we love, stops us from leaving unpleasant jobs, stops us from be ourselves, stops us from being successful, stops people from even leaving their homes.

It manifests in so many ways and is fed to us as a daily diet by media and everyone around us.  There’s dangerous strangers, foods, diseases, jobs, foreign countries, political leaders, political parties, teachers,schools, neighborhoods,beaches, sun, meteors, and on and on.  Fear is evident in people that criticize and judge others and those who seek power and even in the need to be right in a argument.

Fear can be so strong at times that it appears real.  It is not.  Just like that little dull candle burning in the photograph, being enveloped by darkness, there is only one thing that can change that…..Turning on the light!  Darkness cannot prevail when light is shined upon it.  Fear cannot exist when the truth is revealed.

Face your fears today and shine the light of truth on it and begin living. Be yourself and live fearlessly.