I was just messing around with my iPhone today and shot this old shed.  I gave it a tilt-shift blur, which makes it look like a model / mini scale.

Have you ever tried to explain where you get your ideas, inspiration or thoughts?  For me I believe none of it is mine and it just comes to me from the “universe”.  As long as I am “aligned” and not trying to force it, it comes.  I have spoken about meditation in the past and how that helps me.  Too airy fairy?  To out there?

It is not only folks like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and such who believe this.  Many many artists believe the same.  As it appears even someone like Kurt Cobain knew this as his truth.  Check out these lyrics from one of his songs “Oh me”

“I don’t have to think,

I just have to do it,

The results are always perfect,

And that is old news.”

“I can’t see the end of me,

My whole expanse I cannot see,

I formulate infinity,

Stored deep inside of me.”

Pretty powerful right?  Enjoy