I took this photo this a.m. with my iPhone.  It is a lovely little clock-tower outside of a bank.  I would have preferred to have had my DSL and lens to focus in on the clock face, but the iPhone did it’s thing.  I edited the photo in Snapseed and then did more editing in PicMonkey.

That clock reminds me of just being in the moment.  Why?  Because that is all we have.  This moment.  Right now.  So often we use up the precious gift of this moment, by worrying about the past and the future which is crazy, because they are not real.  The only thing that we have is this moment right now.  Make it count.  Appreciate it, appreciate everything you are doing right now.  Don’t let the past which is gone steal this moment.  Don’t let the future which is a figment of your imagination, steal this real moment.

In Ram Dass’s book, Be Here Now he used to ask himself over and over, to remind him to stay in the moment:

“Where am I?” – I am HERE!

“What time is it?” – It is NOW!