I tend to be leaving my daily project later and later in the day.  Tonight I was getting a little desperate as took the dogs out at 8.30pm and was thinking, what the heck can I take a photo of?  I liked the lights on our tree but had already shot these before, so I thought I would do a Bokeh type effect, but that didn’t work.  I suddenly spotted the daffodils at the bottom of tree and got the idea.  Got in really close, and so lights are out of focus and create Bokeh look.  I then used a handheld flash light and “painted” the daffodil using quick up and down motions.  I quite like the end result.  So from inception to posting is only 45 mins.

So I was very thankful for that idea and I know it doesn’t come from me.  After all where do thoughts come from?  Can I actually own a thought?