I was sitting on the sidewalk today whilst my kids played in the road and was just admiring the top of this tree against the blue sky.  I have Oakley prescription lens sunglasses that are polaroid.  And the contrast and saturation was fantastic.  So I went inside and got my camera with the polaroid filer ( I use Singh Ray filters – expensive but brilliant) and snapped away.

There is a free photo editing tool out there called Picmonkey.com.  Seems they are reincarnation of Picnik.  They have a Warhol effect.  I clicked on it and the default is yellow and blue.  But I switched it to Blue and white.  It just evened out the saturated blue sky and soften the white branches.  It reminds me of those Japanese painting.  I like it and hop you do too.

Have a wonderful day and weekend, whether you celebrate Easter or not. Enjoy.