You know you don’t always have to go to exotic or faraway places to get a decent photo.  I was lost for photo ideas today as hadn’t thought about it.  Was very gloomy today and we were just about to sit down for dinner, when I thought let me go get a shot of tress in back garden.  It was grey and nothing happening.  So I pushed the white balance really low, so it gives that cool, blue shady light feel.  It seems to work well for twilight.  I then added an Orton touch (to make branches a little softer) a slight vignette, frame and signature.  I like this one actually.

Also remember last day….. I am giving away a FREE iPod shuffle to a random blog reader on March 31 (this is the last day of entering). Why? I have no idea. I am just doing it. It came to me after a recent meditation…:-). I get so many visits, likes and comments from people, which is pretty humbling for me, so I just want to give something back I guess. The best way for me to “control” it, is as follows. Just go “like” my Facebook page (link below), I will then get a random number generator off the internet and then pick the name that corresponds to that number. So good luck.

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