I took the dogs out early this a.m. to “do their business” and sun was just coming up over my back garden.  I noticed our peach tree had just started to blossom and made a note to come back and shoot it “another” morning.  Went back inside and made myself a coffee and looking out the window at the sunrise, I just said.  Why wait?  Why not today? I am feeling refreshed, healthy and good.  Do it now.  Procrastination is a beast.

So I went outside and took a couple of shots.  Look at this little beauty.  I tried a different composition too.  I love the blur of the other branches in the background and a little flare from the sun caused a round bubble flare.  Almost Bokeh effect like.  This is one of my favorites.  If I had listened to my procrastinating mind, I would never have enjoyed that moment and added many more good feeling moments as I look at this photograph.

So if you are putting off anything today.  Don’t!  Just do it.  If it is doing a chore, starting something, waiting for a “better” moment or perhaps you have your eye on someone and you are too scared to express your interest!  Don’t wait, do it now, otherwise you could miss the moment. Don’t let the fear of your mind hold you back.

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