Nice little story to this photo today.  It was just after 1.00pm I hadn’t thought about a photo for today, but was walking to my neighbors house to check on my son, with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in hand.  Their daffodils are in full bloom and have been for most of week.  I had already taken photos of daffodils this year so not really on my mind.  And I was reinforcing that in my mind as I noticed this lone yellow daffodil.  However, something told me to stop and have a look inside.  So I did and I found this little spider inside, trying to make a little home in this little beauty.  I ran back inside to grab my camera and at same time checked on my wife’s brown rice that she had phoned and asked me to put on for her.  The timer still said 6min.24 sec – plenty of time for a photo.

Anyway I got so engrossed with this spider and waiting for wind to stop blowing this daffodil, so he would come out in focus that I forgot all about the rice.  My wife arrived home about 15 mins later. She asked, “did you put my rice on for me?” PANIC. Rice burned, pot now black, house filled with smoke and fire almost about to start.  Phew!  Well I got my picture, even though the pot is ruined and my coffee got cold.

Some may say I was lucky to get this shot.  What are the chances of walking past a flower everyday (which is one of plenty) and decide to look inside on this particular day? Bear in mind all the flowers in that bed are daffodils too. For me it is not luck, nor co-incidence.  The same thing happened with my moon and airplane shot and the one when my car battery went dead.  I believe in the law of attraction and this is just one of many tiny little miracles that happen everyday, which just make me appreciate and give thanks.  So often, we want fireworks and parades to happen before we believe or convince ourselves something works or exists.  For me it is these small little occurrences that show up in my life.  I smile and just say “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”. Love it.

And to the spider.  I hope you like your portrait.

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