Everyday that we awaken we are given a blank canvas.  Today is one of those days and we have a choice.  How are we going to paint to our blank canvas today?  Are we going to fill it with worry, anxiety, stress, anger, judgement, pity, depression, despair, criticism, ego, rudeness or other negatives?  Or we can choose to fill the canvas with positive energy, embracing the day and challenges, love, joy, happiness, gratitude, peace, helping others, smiles, kindness, being non-judgemental, appreciative, hope, trust, creativeness and laughter.  We have that choice.  So as you go about your day, just think about how your canvas is being painted.  It may help when someone seems unhelpful or rude, cuts you off in the traffic, your boss gives you a hard time or you get a large bill in the mail.  You are painting your own canvas today and everyday, not them.  Fill it with color and beauty.

Enjoy your day and weekend.

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Finally, it is Friday so time to enjoy a little Adele.