I was taking the garbage out today and it was a misty morning.  Some may have embraced the morning, some may have complained about a muggy morning and some may have not even noticed, lost in their thoughts and heading off to work.  Fortunately, today I chose the first option and took note and enjoyed the morning as best I could (even with garbage in my hand).  These are bare trees at the bottom of our garden and they featured on my Mar 06 post with the awesome clouds.  I just love the different moods that nature provides, similar to us humans actually.

I took this with my iPhone and the only edits I added where: Sepia tone and an Orton effect.  Than is essentially just adding a Gaussian blur as wanted branches soft to go with the soft misty look of the skies.  I then added my signature. This Misty moody morning is apparently going to be a beautiful sunny and hot day (80F for March in Connecticut – Amazing!).  So perhaps if your day has started off a little moody or muggy, maybe you can turn it into a beautiful sunny day for you.  The beauty is that no matter what our circumstances, we can choose our thoughts.  Let’s choose to be happy and appreciative.

Enjoy your day.

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