Today I was just messing around with my iPhone and the apps. I like macro photography, but wanted to take a different shot and not just a regular daffodil.  So here is the end result.  Aged, scratched and blotched and they still shone through. To see how I got the shuffle part of the title, read below to see the link.

I wanted to get your feedback on meditation.  I have been meditating for some time now and usually I feel really good and relaxed afterwards.  Quite often however, I feel really inspired and some of my best ideas or answers come to me pretty much immediately thereafter.  Do any of you have similar experiences?  How often do you meditate?  Those who don’t why don’t you?  Would love to hear your feedback.

I usually try to do it twice a day, but sometimes I won’t do it for a week or so, just because I get distracted.  I used to do meditation to CD’s but have been doing silent meditation for a little while now and I enjoy that more.  Seems more powerful. If I can only do it for 5 minutes that is what I do, but usually up to 20 mins.  Let me know.

Finally.  I am giving away a FREE iPod shuffle to a random blog reader on March 31.  Why? I have no idea. I am just doing it.  It came to me after a recent meditation…:-).  I get so many visits, likes and comments from people, which is pretty humbling for me, so I just want to give something back I guess.  The best way for me to “control” it, is as follows.  Just go “like” my Facebook page (link below), I will then get a random number generator off the internet and then pick the name that corresponds to that number. So good luck.

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This is what the prize will be: (color not guaranteed)