I went for a diner breakfast with my family this a.m. and took this with my iPhone.  The vibe in this little diner was so good and the people so friendly.  Gina, was one of servers and is so full of life and wonderful.

I wanted to post this photo as is just a typical daily scene and I will remember having breakie there with my family, but also because it is a subject that irk’s me a little.

There are many people out there that treat people in the service industry as though they are below them and second class citizens.  To be honest even some of my friends do this and it makes my blood boil.  There are millions of people just like Gina, that work hard and LOVE what they do, yet they are at times treated like they are inferior to others. Why?  Mainly because of the ego of others and society’s limited belief systems, that if you don’t aim high or become “something” “significant” in others eyes, then you are not worthy.  And that really upsets me.  My job doesn’t define me, the clothes I wear don’t define me, neither where I live, what I drive, nor others limited belief systems of me.  I and all of us are much more than that.

So to Gina and all others out there.  You are awesome and I love you all.