The weather is soooo beautiful today.  I spotted this solo flower yesterday. It looks like it is almost saying,  I can’t wait for spring arrive, I blooming today!  Purists may shudder when they see that I allowed the sun to shine on the flower, typically you block it out, so there aren’t extremes in shadow and highlight.  With this one I just said “bugger it”.  I do it my way today.  Sun is light and light is life.  Without the sun, nothing exists, so she should be included.  You can see the other buds popping out behind too in this little patch of barren grass.

For me the lesson when I look at these flowers each spring, is how effortlessly everything happens.  They trust the season will come and when it does they just blossom.  They are not trying to control and force the seasons to come, the rain or sun.  That’s what I try emulate when I am trying to control and will things along in my life.  Stop. Relax. Trust and Allow.

Thanks to everyone out there who visits and comments.  I have had just over 20,000 views in just over 2 months.  Amazing. I appreciate all of you and you inspire me with your posts and comments too.  Thank you thank you thank you.