I must confess that I have been getting caught up in all this positive praise and have slipped away somewhat (at times) of my main objective here.  I have been on certain days “trying” to capture images that are my all time favorites, every single day.  I have also been looking at my work and thinking “I wonder if they will like it?”  So guilty as charged.  So I have managed to catch my ego here.  And instead of “trying” I am returning to just “being”.  And instead of trying to capture the brilliant shot everyday, I am returning to do what I love, taking photos, being in the moment and enjoying one of my passions.

So this photo is nothing amazing, just a local Gas station that I walk by around the corner from my house.  The only thing that doesn’t make this photo look old is the Gas Prices.  When I cam to the USA, 10 years ago, prices were $1.50!  But I am having fun with my iPhone and the editing software.  I enjoyed this one.  Thanks to all of you for following, comments and helping me to be true.

By the way if you want to see how I ended up with this photo result from the below image.  Just click on tutorials link above and this month that is what I will send out, seem as though so many ask for it.  Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful day and happy Leap Year (hey I thought I signed up for a 365 project, not a 366 one?)

Pic Grunger is one of the iPhone apps I used.  Click on titles below:

For iPhone:

For iPad:

The other main editing iPhone software I used is Snapseed:  I can assure you this will be best $5 you ever spend on photo editing software.  It really is good!

iPhone App:

iPad App:

Mac App: