What is this photo?  Well it is by no means a photographic masterpiece and I had to put my ego in my pocket for this one.  Instead of posting, what I though was a good photo that I took today, I simply took this photo with my iPhone and posted it instead. Why? Because this is a Masterpiece.  This musical masterpiece was made by my 10 year old neighbor, Jake Walker.  The masterpiece is not just the instrument, but also his imagination.

He has a set of Bongo drums made of piping and balloons, a Dulcimer made of screws and elastic bands, a Recorder made of beer bottles (hope those are Root Beer bottles fella) and a sort of triangle / percussion instrument which is on a wooden T-shape with strings and screws on the end that hit the bottles to make sounds.  So having met the Dulcimer, Recorder and Bongos, I would like to introduce to you…….The Dulrecongo….

Made in the USA and made in a child’s mind. Beautiful.  Take a bow Jake, your name is now up in Lights and the world is seeing your art!  So wherever you are in the world, please send your comments through.  Who needs video games?