It has been a pretty mild winter here in the Northeast of the US.  These little flowers have started popping out already.  I am not sure what they are, but they hang like little light bulbs.  It always amazes me that flowers like this shrivel up after summer heat and just “die”, to be completely covered in frost, ice and snow for months.  The landscape bleak and frozen.  Yet inside each of these is “intelligence”.  Universal intelligence that knows exactly what to do and when.  It understands when the weather is getting too hot, too cold and when it is just right to bloom.  However, if you dig it up or squash it, it seems just like mush.  Juicy mush and seems like nothing.  However, within that mush there is knowledge and intelligence.  That same intelligence is in everything, including ourselves.

That little flower bud understands and it trusts.  Trusts that spring will come and the time will be right to bloom.  Nothing rushed and probably with no STRESS.  The same can be applied to our life situation and our own bodies.  Trust that your body has that same intelligence to survive and thrive.  Your only job is to provide the right environment for that intelligence to survive and thrive!