I stood at the stop sign of a local road, where I knew the road was pretty windy. Set my exposure to 20 seconds.  This took a few tries.  The car lights never picked up the stop sign enough, so I shone my torch on it for 1-2 seconds, just before the car arrived.  The stop sign came out nicely and thankfully the driver didn’t stop for long at the stop street, otherwise I would have had a patch of over exposed red right in the middle of my shot.  It worked out pretty well.  Wonder what it would have looked like if a car had come the other way at just the right time and also been in frame for same amount of time?

This does remind me though of something that Jack Cranfield mentioned in The Secret about headlights.  No matter what your situation, good or bad, whether it is a job, new business venture you have launched, financial strain, relationship problems or whatever it is.  Know your direction and then just trust.  And the headlight analogy comes in as such.  If you decided to drive from NY to FL at night, you know where you are headed, however you are not able to see the whole road in front of you.  All you do is focus on the area which your headlights are illuminating and trust that as you keep driving forward each part of the road will continue to be revealed to you by your headlights.  You don’t need to see the entire road infront of you to get to your destination.

The same applies to your life situation.  Decide which direction you want to head and start off.  Trust your headlights, even though they are revealing only a small portion of your route.  All you need to see is what is right in front of you.