If you were ever under any doubt about the magnificence of the Universe, just take a close look at this flower.  I could write 20,000 words on this.  But that would be too much for you all.  I am in that flower and that flower is in me….What?  Yes it is true.  Many of the chemical elements found in my body are found in that flower too.  Plants are critical to us humans being able to breathe and conversely the cells of my body, as millions die off every day, become “energy” for something else like this flower. Drill down to the sub-atomic level of what we are all made up of and it is all energy.  Within that energy there is an “intelligence”.  That knows what it wants to do, how to do it and when.  It decides what form of energy it should become.  There is no distinction between a plant transforming sun energy into Oxygen and my body inhaling that Oxygen and using it to survive.  We are all one.  That flowers energy doesn’t end there and mine start here.  And that applies for all of us.  The plant does not discriminate either who receives Oxygen and who doesn’t, how much you can have or you can’t have.  Neither does it hoard it into a Bank and say…”this is all mine”. No conditions, no discrimination.  And……And…..And………It asks for nothing in return. Nothing! That is LOVE!


This beauty was my gift to my daughter and wife for Valentines day.  Not just flowers, but a lesson for me. Thank you!