I got this idea from a newsletter from one of my media providers and took it up.  For me this is especially true and sometimes I a need a kick or in this case a match up my proverbial.  This project is a perfect example.  This year when the thought came (again) I just went for it, without any excuses.  No more – “Wait to tomorrow or for some situation to get better”.  That will never happen if you don’t take that step.  Instead of saying, “when I have more money, or when I have more time, or when I get this or when that person does that, than I will do it” No.  Light a match under your bonnet and get cracking.  The only given is now.  Tomorrow or the next moment is not a given. Do it.  Grab the moment and go for it.  Be present and live in the NOW.  Remember there is no failure, only those definitions that others or your mind place on you.  Drop them and go for it.

I almost forgot.  Thanks to my kids, Jade and Joel for helping me press the shutter cable on this one.  Hard to hold a matchbox, light a match and press shutter release cable.