This was taken with my iPhone.  Again, I have driven by this building a thousand times.  I know I have said this so often, but with this Project everywhere I go, I am searching, looking and appreciating.  We were on our way home and I was observing everything, textures, light on trees, colors, rivers, building, train tracks, literally everything.  Just in the moment and appreciating (although being in the moment probably meant I wasn’t listening to my wife. Or was I? Can’t remember really :-). This is what I love the most, just appreciating and observing, instead of just chatting away, oblivious to the beauty around me.

As we drove past, I asked my wife to turnaround as I wanted to take a quick photo.  I didn’t regret it. It is winter here in Connecticut, but the weather is so mild I am running around in shorts.  Just being by this stream was so peaceful and was seriously a quick charge of my batteries.  And you know what? It is FREE! Nature in it’s serene beauty, always around us, even if we choose to ignore it.

The building is awesome and even though now deserted it is almost like it has been retired to the stud farm. Neglected but content in a weird way.  And she has the best view around.  I have included 3 other versions that I did. Black and White, Aged and Tilt Shift (which gives it a mini / model look).  Let me know which you prefer out of the 4.


Finally, I have to add this – it is awesome!  My wishlist right now.  The New Nikon 36.3 Mega Pixels…..Wow that is close to 3 times my current camera.  I wonder if Santa will come early this year?