This was such a hard shot to to take.  I was actually at a nearby location trying to shoot an image that wasn’t there.  Just wasn’t happening.  So started off home and remembered a train passing I liked about 5 mins away.  Pulled over and checked the Train schedule and a train was due in about 15 mins and coming in right direction.  The sun was shining in my face, there was no sidewalk – so had to jump out every time there were no cars, the colors weren’t warm, wanted to get train in blur and I only had 1 passing of the train.

It all worked out somewhat in the end, although I think I will make more visits in coming weeks to perfect the shot.

Also, so many people have asked me how I take my shots and how I edit, but don’t want this blog to become a “how to”, although I want to help and share as much as I can.  I did set up a separate page called “tutorials” above.  So take a look and I’ll show you how you can get this information from me.  No cost, no obligation and to your inbox. I am open to suggestions. Enjoy.