This is NOT me right now, but I wanted to take this powerful image to raise awareness.  It is not meant to offend or be depressing, but for all of us to recognize our power (real power and not that power that is driven by ones ego).

Suicide is the 7th biggest killer in the US and 3rd for youngsters between 15 – 24.  It is a tragedy. It is real and happening all around us.  Before you say, it is only weak people or people who don’t believe in God or whatever the judgement, we should realize that we never know what the other person is going through and what may seem small for us, is pretty large for others.

So be aware of others.  The next time a waitress or shop attendant for example, seems rude, obnoxious or bad mannered, a fellow commuter seems impatient and aggressive or whatever the situation is, just stop.  It would be so easy to react, admonish or dismiss them.  The truth is, we never know what is going on in that person’s life.  In fact it may be the day that they decide enough is enough for them.

Our power however, comes in the form of our reaction and applies not only to disgruntled people, but to all.  A few seconds of your time for a stranger, friend or loved one,  just to say “You have amazing eyes”, “You look good in that dress” “Or how was your day” or a smile, a thank you or a hug.  Something as simple as that, could literally save someones life.  That is YOUR power.  You are powerful and can inspire anyone and literally save their life.  We should remember that….That is LOVE.

Every single one of us is wonderful in our own way, are part of an amazing universe and have love within that can be shared with everyone freely and effortlessly. Try it!