This is NOT my current situation, but wanted to do this for sometime, to simply use an image to get people to think.  Approx 49% of marriages in the US end in divorce.  Absolutely staggering and to think the effect that has on children.  It has always amazed me how 2 people who are so madly in love can in some cases turn into 2 people who cannot stand the sight or company of that same person down the road.

I am no expert and don’t want lecture anyone about staying in abusive relationships or such, but really the work needs to be done at a younger age.  Why do schools not give children the tools at younger ages and teach them subjects about integrity, respect, love, caring, values and how to manage finances?  Surely fitting 30 mins to 1 hour a day into a school curriculum can’t be too much to ask and not just left with parents.  These are tools that our youngsters should be equipped with at home and at school.

Critical tools that all kids should have an abundance of.  Respect, love, generosity, kindness, patience, caring, free of ego and the need to be right. Maybe one day?