I told you I would get another shot of this church. The red door makes it’s second appearance.  I added a grunge effect, lots of weathered texture and a scratched up filter effect and frame for good measure – to make it weathered and old looking.

You know what though? Despite that old, scratched and weathered look, the stone building’s beauty still shines through.  It is still evident and cannot be erased.

The same applies to you and everyone else.  Think of yourself (and by you, I don’t mean your mind or any label people have used to define you) as this “stone building”. Perfect and beautiful.  And no matter how much negativity has been thrown your way. No matter how much society has labelled you as this or the other.  No matter how much well meaning parents, teachers, friends,colleagues or institutions have tried to shape your thinking and “the way you should be” and inadvertently limited your thinking or beliefs, or planted self doubt or given you low self esteem or confidence – you ARE like that stone building.  Beautiful.  All the other layers (scratches, dents, ageing, weathered, whatever) are just like those in the photo, trying to cover up the REAL you.

You know what? There is such a thing as photo restoration and it happens one speck or pixel at a time, that removes all the scratches, dents, marks, stains and other blemishes.  This is done slowly, overtime, with patience, perseverance, love and nurturing.  The end result is that, the beautiful stone building, that was always there, is revealed even more so.

Start with your own house today. Lots of patience, love, practice and care. You are awesome, so let is shine EVEN brighter.