I took this photo this a.m. whilst taking a run with my wife.  It is on our Main Street and again something I have driven, walked, cycled and run by thousands of times.  It is part of a stone wall that are a dime a dozen in this neck of the woods.  So not glaringly obvious.

Now as a disclaimer: I am not an American, British or someone pushing Patriotic pride, just a sack of skin and bones using my eyes for inspiration and being.  Like I say time and time again, there are these little gems / diamonds all over the place, if you “look”.  The stone is not very clear and has been vandalized at some stage (who does that?).  So I reprinted the message below:

In Defense of American Independence

At the Battle of Ridgefield

April 27, 1777

Died Eight Patriots

Who were laid in these grounds,

companioned by

Sixteen British soldiers,


In Honour of Service and Sacrifice

This Memorial is placed

for the strengthening of hearts.

The line for me that sticks out. “Living their enemies * dying their guests” is so so powerful.  Again placing natural pride aside.  Can you imagine if our Ego’s didn’t get in the way and we never had to “be right”, how many wars would not have been fought and lives not lost.  If we all were more compassionate to others needs and let go of the need to be right  – the world she, would be even brighter. Let’s make those that are our enemies now, our guests now and thank them for being our teachers…..

I placed an aging look on this photo, to give it the look of being old.

Speaking of courage please see remaining post below……

Apparently I have been nominated for the below blog award.  There is a protocol to be followed to I have been told. So here goes.

Thanks go to http://amonikabyanyuvva.wordpress.com/  for nominating me. Now comes the hard part. Apparently there is an etiquette to follow, and it goes like this

1. Thank your nominee

2. Show an alphabet of likes,

3. Nominate other blogs .

So here goes:

A   – Arcade Fire

B  –  Beach

C  –  Christmas

D  –   Deepak Chopra

E – Eckhart Tolle

F – Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa

G- God

H – Hawaii

I – Inspired people

J – Jade and Joel – my kids

K – Kettle – love a little cup of joe from the kettle

L – Louise Hay

M – Mornings

N – nachos

O – Oranges

P – Photography

Q – Queensland, Australia

R  – Rugby

S – Sharon (wife) and Surfing

T – Television.  Especially the bachelorette..:-)

U – Universe.  Comon this place we call home, with over a billion planets in our galaxy and another billion galaxies.  How can we not be in awe.

V – Vegetables

W – Wayne Dyer

X – X’ings. especially railway ones.

Y – Yams

Z – Zulu warriors

And my awards for awesome blogs go to:

EVERYONE has awesome blogs in their own way. Remember you don’t need an award to feel great nor do you require recognition.  All that is important is you and that you enjoy what you do. I am going to nominate 1 Blog though.  It is of a guy that I was at school with, he is cycling SOLO from London back to South Africa, where we grew up. He is doing it to raise money for Malaria.  He has had the time of his life and is getting closer to South Africa and aims to make it to SA by the time he turns 40.  Incidentally, he lost his mother when she was only 40 years young.  Along the way he has crashed his bike, smashing the frame in 2 whilst in Egypt – having to get a new one flown out from London. He has been ridden off the road, in one case 3 times in one single day and has recently experienced Malaria first hand. Epic journey so please visit him, post your support and check in often.  thanks.

Here is his website.