I have lived in my town for 8 years and driven past this one church thousands of times – as used to commute back and forth to work on this route for 7 years.  I have noticed this wonderful building before and this Red door has caught my attention many times.  I always threatened to stop there “one day” and take some photos.

But because of this project I actually did make that “one day” into today.  The building is magnificent and I love this door of the church.  It seems to be from medieval times, as is the stonework and architecture.  So I went from just driving past, saying, “Hmm that is so nice, I must go there one day” to actually going there and being in awe.  For once I really noticed the color, architecture, detail, textures, craftsmanship etc etc.  It was fantastic and I was captivated.  Really enjoyed the “moment” and that was one of my aims of taking on this project.

As I drove away I couldn’t help but contemplate how good I felt after just photographing a “DOOR”.  And realized I was doing what I love.  One of my passions and this little gem of a building that I had passed a thousand times, gave me so much satisfaction – because I chose to STOP and be AWARE of it.

Now the plan is to get as many of those ‘moments’ into each day.  That would be my Heaven, Nirvana, enlightenment or whatever label you wish to attach.  These moments are all around us everyday.  Choose one. Stop and Enjoy.

I am going back to “shoot” this church (am I allowed to say church and shoot in one sentence?) and don’t be surprised if she features again tomorrow and the next day.

I used my iPhone for this shot and added a “grungy” layer to add to the “medieval and old times look”