It is a grey and rainy morning here today.  So often we wake up and look out the window and say “what a miserable day” or “what an ugly morning” or similar.  How sad that we just dismiss that gift?  No matter how terrible our circumstances are, we can still witness the beauty of life in all it’s forms, if we choose to. We have a choice.  And we can choose thoughts of a positive or negative nature.  You control your thoughts, don’t let your thoughts control you (sometimes easier said than done).

My son asked us to drop him at school instead of taking the bus.  I grabbed my camera and tripod as I just knew I would see something through this grey, rainy mist. Right by the school is this lake, partly frozen and covered in fog. I walked down a path to this spot.  The trees instantly grabbed my attention.  The dried out leaves and broken branches at the lake shore were not the most attractive for the “perfect” photo. But I didn’t want to move them. Everything just blended together and that was life in front of me, doing IT’s thing.  No need for a wise guy human to try control the scene.  I only took 5 shots as rain was starting to hit my lens and I was drenched.

I love the mysterious nature of the scene, the fog, the distant island barely visible and the branches of the trees providing the frame and forcing the eyes down this channel to view the abyss.  The branches also look like they are reaching out to the partly frozen lake and saying “Hold on to me, I can pull you out of the harshness”. It’s a beautiful day, even when grey. Just witness it – no judgements.