This little fella is Biscuit.  He is a Morkie (Maltese cross Yorkie) and is 3.5 lbs of skin, bones and hair.  However the weight of his love is immeasurable.  I was making my coffee and he was just sitting there looking up at me and I said.  “Biscuit today you are my photo subject”.

He turned one 2 weeks ago and is adored not just by our family, but everyone who meets him.  He is so tolerant and allows (although he doesn’t have much choice) the kids to dress him, snuggle him, place him in strollers and he just sits there.  Being a boy though means he likes to show his dominance to our 3 year old female Morkie, so any chance he get’s he will try and mate her, although he could never reach….So whether it is her hind leg, shoulder, ear or whatever is available he goes for it.  Just to show his manhood.

The best thing about Biscuit and the other dog (Angel) is their unconditional love. If we leave them downstairs whilst we go upstairs for 10 minutes, when we come back down it is like they haven’t seen us for years.  And the same holds true every time I open the door or every morning.  As soon as we get up, even though they have been in our room, they just want to show their love. No complaining about time, stiff neck, energy, coffee, noisy cars. Nothing. Just LOVE.  And the same applies to perfect strangers.  They just want to show them love and be loved.  What a lesson for us.

So Biscuit thanks for coming into our lives and being my teacher. Thank you thank you thank you.  Today I am going to be like Biscuit – not the humping part, just the loving part…..