This is not really applicable to me right NOW, but at some stage in our lives (and often many times) we are looking for direction, sometimes desperately.  The cross is not there as a religious symbol but rather just a generic “symbol” of ones faith or beliefs.

Aptly perhaps, the map I used out of all the pages in my map book and where I placed all the props, suddenly revealed the destination “Santa’s Village”.  Seriously, it was just “there” I didn’t go looking for  it.  The relevance?  Many of us (myself included) are so busy trying to aim, strive, reach, pursue etc “this ultimate destination” where upon reaching we’ll be at peace.  But in reality that destination is as mythical as Santa’s Village.

In my opinion, there is no destination. Life is a journey (excuse the cliche).  And aiming for a destination, means we miss out on so much in between. Unfortunately, we continuously compare ourselves to everyone else and use society’s rules of success as our yardstick.  So if we “feel” we are falling behind or failing, we intensify our search for that destination and it becomes a vicious circle, with one feeding the other.

Your only destination is finding yourself.  Know who you are – beyond what society’s definitions are. You are not rich / poor, white / black, republican / democrat, southerner / northerner, christian / muslim.  Don’t use those yardsticks or group mentality to define yourself. Stop striving and comparing and just BE.  Then you can drop the compass and map and be at peace and enjoy.

If you have ever read the Alchemist, you understand that in that book, the character went in search of his treasure / riches, only to realize that the treasure / riches he was looking for were under the tree that he always sat under in the beginning.  YOU. Yes YOU are the treasure, so stop searching and know it!