According to the Law of Attraction, everything you ever wanted is lined up outside your door.  So from an aerial perspective, you would be seen on one side of the door and everything you ever wanted, a new car, job, relationship, boss, health, holiday, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Anxiety Free living, loving relationships etc, are just all lined up on the outside of the door.  All you have to do is open that door and it will all flow freely into your life.

The only thing stopping you is your own resistance.  Meaning that you have to be in a state of allowing to let that flow into your life.  Simplified it would look something like this.  You ever seen the movie when someone is getting chased and they jump into a car and are fumbling like crazy to get key into the ignition?  That is something they would normally do, with their eyes closed thousands of times with no issues.  But when you add the “noise” – Pressure, Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Mind – it can’t happen.  Same principle as when you forget a word or name.  The harder you try to recall it, it doesn’t come out.  But minutes later, when you change the subject and are not trying to force the issue, the word pops into your mind.  You get the picture! That is allowing.

Wayne Dyer has a saying : “let go and let God”.  Which means let God, Life force, source, energy, whatever you want to call it, flow through you.  Cut out mental noise and resistance and let things flow.  Every day millions of our cells die and new ones are regenerated, we breathe in and out without thinking, hair grows (sometimes in unwanted places) all without our interference.  Yet somehow, we feel we still need to take charge of the entire life process and force everything along.

So if it is really that easy. Then stop the resistance and open that damn door.  It has been closed for way too long!

PS: That is a garage door I photographed –  as there is a lot of Shizzle behind my door!