So what’s the connection between all 3 of these?  Well I have been taking anti-biotics for the past 5 months for Lyme Disease.  One of them (bottle on the right) is Biaxin (clarithromycin) and is made by Sandoz.  It has given the best results in my treatment so far, so feel pretty good.

I have recently been reading a book by Ram Dass called “Be Here Now”.  Ram Dass is a Western Yogi and one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time. Ram Dass who was born Richard Alpert, was a Harvard professor who was at the top of his academic game in the 1960’s when he started experimenting with psychedelic drugs.  The drug of choice at the time was something called Psilocybin which is found naturally in over 200 different types of mushrooms.  Psilocybin was produced by……Sandoz.

So what is the big deal?  Well Sandoz not only made LSD, Psilocybin and later Biaxin, but the most significant event for Ram Dass (Richard at the time), was that over a course of a few years he became so disillusioned with life and what he was teaching his students and applying to his patients.  This started happening prior to his Psychedelic experimentation.  He eventually gave up everything and went on a journey to far corners of the world in search of the TRUTH.  He eventually met up with Hindu guru Neem Karoli Baba in India, which led him on his journey to become one of the best spritual teachers in the world.

So perhaps simple things stimulate simple minds, like mine.  But the same way Sandoz and their psychedelics propelled Ram Dass to the next level of his spiritual journey, I am going to use Sandox and their Biaxin to try and propel mine.  So thank you Sandoz and thank you Ram Dass.  I guess I should say, thank you Lyme Disease….