The Birthday Cake.  I had to do this today as it is my wife’s B’day.  The big 40.  Myself and kids made the cake and did the decorating.  (OK I didn’t make the icing).  Vanilla Cake, with chocolate icing, sprinkles and M&Ms.  Only problem is I don’t eat cake, candy nor sugar – so I’ll just have to watch the whole feast before my eyes.

This is the view I suspect my son sees, zeroing in on the this treat at a 100 miles an hour waiting to devour it.  Sugar is his crack…To get this affect, I held the shutter down and zoomed out.  Not too easy on the eyes, but adds speed to the picture.

And seem as though it is the wife’s birthday.  What a women!  She has stood by me through all my dreams, been by my side in sickness and in health (more than just vows) and is the foundation of this family.  The mother of my 2 beautiful children and an angel from heaven.  Thank you thank you thank you!