Buddha!  The enlightened one…Well I don’t follow any religion, but am a fan of certain teaching of different religions.  Why did I photograph this statue of Buddha?  Well he normally sits in the corner of our bedroom and is a nice reminder to me of Peace.  I also try meditate regularly, up to twice a day.  Not because I have to, but because I like it and it quietens ones mind and brings a level of peace.  Normally if getting overwhelmed or too busy with work, if I go meditate it brings me back to a state of peace and thereafter at times (not always) the best thoughts come to my mind. Ultimately, being able to use my mind rather than my mind using me?

So what is the enlightened one?  The end of suffering!  Simple and open ended so as not to create a thought in your mind of what it should be.  As it is different for most people.  If the Buddha had said….”it is a place of such and such, with this feeling etc etc” you would aim for that thought or place. Constantly measuring your experience or feelings to that marker. And when you would fail to reach that description (even though you feel calmer and pretty good), you would get frustrated, despondent etc, because you hadn’t reached that marker.  Which ultimately is…..suffering.  Pretty clever right?

I always battled with a description of heaven that people sometimes use.  Streets of Gold, Harp music and large mansions….Well what if I don’t like gold?  What happens if I prefer pan pipes and just want a small shack on the beach? Would that still be my heaven?

So today this photo represents, meditation, peace, going within and quietening my mind.  Perfect!